22. November 2023
Henriette zu Doha
Bioenergy | Pyrolysis

Novo­carbo opens largest Carbon Removal Park in Germany

Remo­ving CO₂ from the atmo­sphere and gene­ra­ting climate-neutral heat at the same time – these two important decar­bo­niza­tion measures are successfully imple­mented in the “Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea” of the German clean­tech company Novo­carbo in Greves­mühlen (Germany). The tech­nical basis for this: two PYREG PX 1500s.

Hamburg-based start-up Novo­carbo offi­ci­ally opened the Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea in Greves­mühlen (Meck­len­burg-Western Pome­rania, Germany) on October 12, 2023.

The Carbon Removal Park Baltic Sea (CDR-Park Baltic Sea) in the green indus­trial area north-west in Greves­mühlen is a unique example in Germany of a holi­stic approach to CO₂ removal and green heat gene­ra­tion. Each year 3,200 t of CO₂ will be removed from the atmo­sphere, 6,600 MWh of climate-neutral heat will be gene­rated, and 1,700 t of biochar will be produced, which can be used as a soil condi­tioner in agri­cul­ture, among other things.

The show­case site for Biochar Carbon Removal, one of the world’s most effec­tive CO₂ removal tech­no­lo­gies, is the result of a unique coope­ra­tion of German climate pioneers, and combines several climate-saving measures at once.

State-of-the-art pyro­lysis tech­no­logy from PYREG is used to process biogenic resi­dues into biochar. This binds the carbon present in the biomass and stores it in the biochar over the long term. The biochar serves as a water and nutrient reser­voir, making agri­cul­tural soils healt­hier and more climate-resistant, for example. The pyro­lysis process also produces climate-neutral waste heat, which Stadt­werke Greves­mühlen (muni­cipal utili­ties) will feed into its district heating network from the 2023 heating season. This will make the supply of around 1800 connected house­holds greener and increase the share of rene­wable energy from 60% to 75%.


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