The leading German NetZero-Tech company and Carbon removal pioneer (CDR)


There are no resi­dues, only valu­able materials

That is why we work first and fore­most to find forward-thin­king solu­tions. Toge­ther with various univer­si­ties and rese­arch insti­tutes we  develop new ways for a sustainable use of exis­ting resources.

Conti­nuous inno­va­tions and further deve­lo­p­ments make us a pioneer in our industry. As a clean­tech company for plant engi­nee­ring and envi­ron­mental tech­no­logy based in Germany, we have been designing and manu­fac­tu­ring certi­fied, high quality carbo­niz­a­tion plants (PyCCS) for more than 10 years. What’s more, our CDR tech­no­logy meets the highest envi­ron­mental stan­dards. We are a global market leader in the field of phos­phorus recy­cling from sewage sludge and the produc­tion of high quality biochar.

Carbo­niz­a­tion drives sustaina­bi­lity
and enables circularity

Upcy­cling is a process of trans­forming waste mate­rials into products of a better quality or for
better envirnon­mental value.
Using PYREG Tech­no­logy, compa­nies address the end-of-life concerns related to their products, trans­forming their waste into value added products, such as energy and biochar.

CO2 Sink

Waste Volume

Extracted Re-
newable Energy

High Quality
End Product – Biochar

PYREG at a glance

PYREG is a German manu­fac­turer of carbo­niz­a­tion machines for upcy­cling organic waste into valu­able CO₂-seques­te­ring biochar and rege­ne­ra­tive heat.

As market leader in carbo­na­tion, PYREG has engi­neered a patented pyro­lysis tech­no­logy that features multi-subs­tance capa­bi­lity and control of carbo­na­tion para­me­ters. PYREG-Biochar is a Nega­tive Emis­sion Tech­no­logy (NET). Left in the soil or used in other durable mate­rial appli­ca­tions, this biochar creates a carbon sink. This is how PYREG systems “closes the loop” and removes carbon from the atmo­s­phere.
PYREG was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of TH Bingen, Univer­sity of Applied Sciences.

All PYREG plants are certi­fied by the industry EBC-stan­dard, desi­gned to ensure harmo­nized and veri­fiable stan­dards for climate-protec­tive biochar production.

At PYREG GmbH, we set the utmost impor­t­ance to the sustainable and careful use of resources. All plant systems are manu­fac­tured at our company head­quarter in Dörth. In so doing, we are able to guarantee that our plants really deserve the quality seal “Made in Germany” and always meet the latest envi­ron­mental standards.


RWTH Aachen, Giessen Univer­sity, Univer­sity of Kassel, ETH Zürich Switz­er­land, TH Bingen Univer­sity of Applied Sciences, Freie Univer­sität Berlin

German Sustaina­bi­lity Award 2022
Erfin­der­preis Rheinland-Pfalz
ZIRP Inno­va­ti­ons­preis  
Success Sonder­prämie Energie  
Energy Awards Nominee
Diesel­me­daille Nominee  
IWA LET2016 Indus­trial Inno­va­tion Award  


Inter­na­tional Biochar Initiative


We are proud of our team

Das PYREG Team jubelt

Anna-Lena Stork, HR Department

“I have been working with PYREG since the begin­ning of this year. The team is great and I simply like going to work every day.”

Erik Stein­hagen, Purchasing

“Tech­no­logy that is used to preserve nature –
that has inspired me for more than 10 years”


We are at your disposal. Let us work toge­ther to deter­mine how PYREG tech­no­logy can be inte­grated into your mate­rial cycles, to increase yields and provide cost savings. Our moti­vated team will support you every step of the way.

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