20. August 2021
Henriette zu Doha

Rest till Bäst – Vinnova-funded ligt­house biochar project

From Rest till Bäst – We are proud to contri­bute to this important Scan­di­na­vian project, which aims to be at the fore­front of the deve­lo­p­ment of circular economy and carbon sink solu­tions through carbo­niz­a­tion of organic waste across Europe. PYREG has been invited to join the consor­tium as the only manu­fac­turer of carbo­niz­a­tion plants. This Swedish project with 15 part­ners, repre­sen­ting univer­si­ties, larger compa­nies, small busi­nesses and muni­ci­pa­li­ties aims to develop solu­tions for society’s organic resi­dues and create biochar, while mini­mi­zing the envi­ron­mental and climate impact and estab­li­shing a carbon sink. 




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Die FAZ über die PYREG-Klimaschutztechnologie

Die FAZ über die PYREG-Klimaschutztechnologie

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