26. November 2023
Henriette zu Doha
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Join our virtual expert panel on Wednesday, December 13th from 14:00-15:00

Get the latest insights on the volun­tary carbon market and learn more about an inno­va­tive finan­cing approach to acce­le­rate biochar carbon removals!

In the first half of December, the inter­na­tional climate commu­nity will meet in Dubai at COP 28 to discuss how to (still) meet the Paris Agree­ment. One essen­tial solu­tion are CO2 removal tech­no­lo­gies to gene­rate nega­tive emissions.

Not all removals are equal – they differ in perma­nence, co-bene­fits and cost. Biochar offers high perma­nence, compe­ti­tive costs and multiple co-bene­fits (e.g. waste reduc­tion, rene­wable energy, sustainable farming).

To acce­le­rate the scale-up of removals, robust and trans­pa­rent volun­tary carbon markets  as well as inno­va­tive finan­cing solu­tions are decisive.



  1. Hello, and Good Evening
    We are seriously focu­sing on several methods of CO2 removal, ESG compli­ance and to conert the Biomass into value added products in a Circular Economy.
    We are foccu­sing on Oil Palm empty fruit bunch fibers in Malaysia, and one of the key tech­no­lo­gies is pyro­lisis for BioChar Produc­tion , among the other tech­no­logy we are evaluating.
    There are several chal­lenges that we seek to over­come, and hope that this forum will provide some answers, Thanks

    Best Regards

  2. Good morning, we are very pleased about your regis­tra­tion and parti­ci­pa­tion in the webinar. Regard­less of this event, our sales team will be happy to answer any ques­tions you may have at sales@pyreg.com. Best Regards, Henriette

  3. I am an envi­ron­men­ta­list working volun­t­a­rily. This all is too fasci­na­ting to me. My passion is towards agreeculture,
    soil, redu­cing carbon foot­print, diver­ting resources from landfills,& sharing with commu­nity parti­cu­larly children future gene­ra­tions. I am already volun­tee­ring my time in NZ & India. I would like to be a part of waste to wealth to give it a better shape? So please guide me.Thanks

  4. Thank you Sudesh, for letting us know about your plans and envi­ron­men­ta­tist enga­ge­ment. I am sorry but we don`t have a team of volun­teers being able to guide you suffi­ci­ently and in detail. We wish you all the best for your future plans and take care!

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PYREG is a CDR Inno­vator sponsor

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